This photo gallery showcases the amazing variety of native orchids found in the south west of Western Australia. It can also be used to help identify orchids you have found. I am always willing to help in orchid identification.  Photos can be sent to me using the contact page.

Please use the menu above to navigate the site.  The photos are arranged by orchid genera and within genera, are arranged in groups with similar orchids placed together.  Each section has a short description of the species with tips on how to distinguish different, but similar looking species.  Each species has, (or will eventually have) photos of the flower, leaf, whole plant and the habitat.

I started photographing orchids in 2003 with a Canon Powershot A200.  I currently use a Canon Eos 350D with a 60mm macro lens.  There are approximately 400 different species of orchids in the south west of WA.  I have seen approximately 227 of them.

This site is updated frequently as I photograph more orchids.

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  1. I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your website and the marvellous photos. I've been looking at Native Orchids since I was a child and have seen most of these, in various places over the last twenty years. Absolutely great photography, and a delight to peruse. Please advise how to send photos for ID.

    Bring on Spring!

  2. Greetings

    I have long enjoyed your wonderful photo's, many thanks for letting us share your passion.

    I have noticed an orchid on a few occasions, that I cannot name. My photo is not very good but good enough to see that it is not one that I recognise. It looks as if it is only half open with yellow inside but I have never seen it open any further. Would you be interested in seeing it?

    Kindest regards


  3. Evening mate, I have a few photos taken of something I've stumbled across here at work at Shark Bay. Got me stumped, hopefully you may have an idea. Got an email I can send a few photos to?

  4. Hello. I have just been on the bridges section of your website and would like to discuss some of your photos. I am particularly interested in the old PWD bridge at Monkerai. I am compiling a small book on bridges across the Karuah River. Hope to hear from you soon. Love your orchid section too. My husband is an orchid man.

  5. Thank you for all the wonderful photos. I am enjoying the addition of the leaves and habitat with some of the orchids as these can be hard to get information on. I have got into the habit now of doing that also. Looking forward to more updates.

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